You Need Chiropractic: Why Your Posture Matters

You Need Chiropractic:
Why Your Posture Matters

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We see a growing number of people, young and old, with poor posture.

We don’t just mean when your mom told you to sit up at the dinner table. 

Forward head posture or carriage is where your head regularly carried forward, putting increased pressure and weight on the spine. Picture a turtle, your back hunched and your neck stretched downwards. 

It’s also called “text neck syndrome” as it’s the position so many of us assume when looking down at our phones (guilty!)

We want to see the head at the correct angle over the shoulders, the neck not tilted to either side and the shoulders and hips even with each other (horizontally and vertically.)

Chiropractic Edmond OK Forward Head Posture

Your Posture Decreases Your Function

Sitting up tall, or walking with your shoulders back is not just important for confidence or esthetics; it’s important for how your body works. 

Researchers studied people with forward head posture, comparing them to people with aligned spines. They found that biomechanical dysfunction, or subluxated bones, can interfere with how the nerves carry information to the brain. 

The study, published in The Journal of Gait and Posture in 2020, found specifically the autonomic nervous system was affected. This is vital because your heart rate, breathing...everything you don’t have to think about to stay alive! The nerves dealing with proprioception, our ability to orient ourselves in space, was also affected. 

A 2019 study in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science showed that forward head posture actually decreased respiratory function, in part because of how the chest becomes compressed. 

When you’re in alignment, your body can function better and your quality of life can be all that it’s meant to be!

Correcting Your Posture with Edmond Chiropractor

Sadly, it isn’t enough to just be aware of your posture or try to sit up straight. Incorporating some home exercises, such as wall angels, can be helpful. But ultimately, it may not be enough to correct your posture.

The vertebrae need to be moved back into place, and then it will take time and repetition for your muscles and ligaments to hold them in place. 

A chiropractor is specially trained to identify where the bones need to move and then to specifically adjust them into place. The doctor will determine your care plan based on the severity of your forward head posture and the length of time you’ve had this posture. 

It’s definitely better to start early rather than later, when the bones have begun to deteriorate.

 If you, a loved one has poor posture, or you’re beginning to see it in your child, don’t hesitate to take them for a chiropractic evaluation.

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