What Is Chiropractic?

What Is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic Care in Edmond OK

Wellness is more complicated than just being either sick or healthy.

Let’s get back to the basics of how our nervous system works. Our body can be in either a sympathetic state, also called "fight or flight" or a parasympathetic state, known as "rest and digest." 

We need both; we need to be able to jump up and run away from danger, but we also need our system to relax and rejuvenate. 

However, there are times when you have trouble shifting between these two states smoothly.

If you stay stuck in a sympathetic state for too long, it stresses the whole body and puts tension on the spinal cord. This causes the bones to shift and become misaligned. Chiropractors call this a subluxation.

What harm does a subluxation do? 

The spinal cord and all its millions of nerve strands connect the brain to the body. The nervous system affects every system, organ and gland. 

When there’s pressure on the nerves from a subluxation, they can’t function optimally or send clear signals back and forth between the body and brain.  

Dr. Millspaugh, at OneHealth Chiropractic Edmond, uses specific chiropractic adjustments to move the vertebrae back into place. He may take x-rays to see exactly which bones need to move and in which direction. 

Chiropractic helps the body go back to a restful parasympathetic state, functioning and communicating better!

That means the body can begin to heal innately, repairing diseased and damaged cells and fighting off intruders. 

When you function better, you will feel better too!

Who Needs Chiropractic Care

At OneHealth Chiropractic in Edmond, we serve all ages and whole families. Dr. Millspaugh gives gentle pediatric chiropractic care to newborns, including his own grandkids! 

Pediatric adjustments help to ensure that babies and children are growing and developing properly. It’s key for the brain and nervous system to communicate for neurological development, coordination and learning. 

Chiropractic also helps to realign kids, as they play hard and engage in sports where they may fall or be bumped. 

Chiropractic is great for teenagers as it allows the body to function better with hormone changes and rapid growth.    

Dr. Millspaugh helps pregnant moms to have the healthiest pregnancy and delivery possible, with prenatal chiropractic care. Getting adjusted relieves the pressure on the nervous system so mom can function optimally to grow and deliver a healthy baby.

Chiropractic can help...

  • Reduce sciatica, heartburn and other discomforts
  • Optimize the pelvis for birth
  • Improve rest and sleep
  • Shorten labor

For adults of all ages and careers, chiropractic care helps to achieve and maintain health, activity and range of motion. 

Active adults with physical careers will be injured less and recover faster when their spine is well-aligned. 

The microtraumas of sitting and the repetitive movements of office jobs can be mitigated with chiropractic care as well. 

Many people find that as their body functions better, their sleep, digestion and even mental health improves! 

Where to Find a Chiropractor

If you are local to the Oklahoma City and Edmond, Oklahoma area, our OneHealth Chiropractic Edmond team would love to serve you. 

We offer a complimentary consultation to answer any questions! Give us a call at (405) 478-1507.

We are located at 3012 E Memorial Rd, Edmond, OK 73013. If you’re not local, give us a call and we can try to help locate a great chiropractor near you. 

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Dr. Vernon Millspaugh

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Dr. Vernon Millspaugh
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Dr. Naomi Narro

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Dr. Naomi Narro

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