Function Better, Feel Better With Chiropractic In Edmond, OK

Function Better, Feel Better With Chiropractic In Edmond, OK

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Have you been sick and tired for too long? Are you ready to live vibrantly & function optimally?

Why is my function as important as how I feel?

Too often, we have a compartmentalized view of the body. One spinal misalignment puts pressure on a whole area of nerves, affecting whole systems of the body. 

We tend to not check on things that don’t hurt yet. But just like you service your car or brush your teeth, it’s better to maintain health than try to recover it.

The spine protects your spinal column, which is a key element of the nervous system and controls all your bodily functions. The bones may move out of alignment (through stress or trauma) creating pressure and inflammation that interferes with the nerve signals. 

When under pressure, your nerves don’t communicate or function well in whatever system or organ they are responsible for. This creates discomfort and dis-ease.

What signs of dysfunction should I watch for?

This is different in each person. What isn’t working 100% in your body? You may not have even realized that you’ve slowly given up on doing some things.

Dysfunction can look like..

  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Digestive issues
  • Reduced range of motion
  • Mental fog
  • Pain & discomfort (including regular headaches)
  • Frequent illness

How can chiropractic help me to function better?

Chiropractic can open the body’s innate healing from above down, inside and out. By realigning the spine and moving the vertebrae so they are no longer interfering with the nervous system, the body functions better. 

An adjustment helps the nervous system to be able to communicate and function smoothly again, like stepping off a garden hose to let the water flow. Your body knows how to be healthy and is always working towards that goal.

We take x-rays as needed to analyze the spine and then specifically adjust the vertebrae in the direction they need to be aligned. This restores nerve function and life!  

How can I tell if my function improves?

When you forget how bad it was before and you are living a vibrant, active life. 

It may take time and repetition for your bones to hold their alignment and for your body to begin innately healing wherever it needs. 

This is why we recommend that everyone (of all ages!) should be checked for spinal subluxations regularly. 

OneHealth Chiropractic Edmond 

If you are local to the Oklahoma City and Edmond, Oklahoma area, our OneHealth Chiropractic Edmond team would love to serve you. 

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We are located at 3012 E Memorial Rd, Edmond, OK 73013. If you’re not local, give us a call and we can try to help locate a great chiropractor near you. 

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What Our Patients Say:

This has been my Chiropractor for the past year & my x-rays just proved the treatment I agreed to for the past year HAS improved my cervical health & my spine. I turned 60 & I am better off now than I was so that means independence & health! YAY!

- Tami T.

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