Chiropractic for Babies; Why to Get Them Checked

Chiropractic for Babies;
Why to Get Them Checked

Chiropractic Care for Kids in Edmond OK

When snuggling your newborn baby, you probably think about calling friends and family, not your chiropractor. However, chiropractic is important for babies, helping to ensure that their brains and bodies can communicate and function to avoid many common problems.

It Starts At Birth 

Often we think of all the pain and difficulty that moms go through in labor and birth. However, the delivery also has a huge effect on the baby and can impact the rest of their life. A variety of things can cause birth trauma, even in an easy birth, from the position of the baby’s head to interventions. 

When we say trauma, we don’t just mean the visible marks of forceps or the swelling of prolonged pushing. Some serious things are happening out of sight in their spine, as it twists and is squeezed during birth. 

A baby’s first cervical vertebra, the atlas, can become subluxated or misaligned through the process of being born. If it’s subluxated, the atlas puts pressure on the baby’s brain stem, which is the center of many autonomic functions, such as heart rate and breathing. 

Under pressure, the nervous system doesn’t function as well. This dysfunction will start to present itself in a variety of ways. 

A misaligned baby won’t be able to tell you what’s wrong with words. But you can check for signs of dysfunction like...

  • Constipation
  • Colic 
  • Restlessness
  • Trouble latching and sucking
  • Reflux
  • Restricted head movements

Pediatric Chiropractor for Babies

Dr. Millspaugh recommends getting a baby checked immediately after birth and then having them checked at least monthly. Gentle pediatric chiropractic adjustments can make a world of difference in keeping a baby healthy and happy because their body is functioning correctly. 

Treating infants within days of birth is one of Dr. Millspaugh’s favorite things. In most cases, he gets to sit down with both parents, who are often both under care already. He takes time to talk about the importance of infant care, what to expect and walks them through the whole process. 

A newborn adjustment involves the gentlest pressure, similar to pressing a tomato to check for ripeness or touching butter and waiting for it to melt. 

But that adjustment can change everything. And having a baby that eats, sleeps and poops well can be life-changing for the whole family.  

This 2019 case report talks about a baby with birth trauma who was able to suck and nurse normally after chiropractic care. Another case report talks about a 3-month old baby suffering from colic, GERD and failure to thrive who improved under care. 

Pediatric chiropractic adjustments help remove any interference in the nervous system, which helps babies to thrive physically, emotionally and developmentally.

OneHealth Chiropractic Edmond 

All children should be checked as they are growing and developing their nervous system. We  want to check regularly to make sure there is not subluxation (misaligned vertebra causing nerve impingement). 

We care about your family as if you were part of ours. When we see a darling baby, we genuinely care about their well-being and want to see them expressing life to the fullest!

If you are local to the Oklahoma City and Edmond, Oklahoma area, our OneHealth Chiropractic Edmond team would love to serve you. 

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What Our Patients Say:

We love Dr. Millspaugh and his staff. He hears us when we tell him what is going on and treats accordingly. He also educates us on how what he is doing plays into our overall health. He’s great with my kiddos and both love going to see him.

- Julie H. 

Chiropractic Care for Kids in Edmond OK


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